DPG Spring meeting in Dresden: IndiScale ❤️ Physics

An important announcement for physics, data and open source lovers: IndiScale is visiting the DPG Spring Meeting in Dresden next week, from 03-28 – 03-30. Visit us to learn more about agile research data management with LinkAhead and open source! The entrance to the exhibition where you can find us is free. 👍

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New LinkAhead Release 0.9.2

We just released a new LinkAhead version which updates the underlying CaosDB components to their most recent releases (see gitlab.com/caosdb). Download the latest version here! What’s new LinkAhead 0.9.2 introduces built-in graphical user andrights management (ACM), some conveniencefeatures and important bug fixes. Some details on major changes: [0.9.2] – 2023-02-28 For CHANGELOG of components, like the caosdb-server,…

Public Money? Public Code!

Most of us are PhD physicists, so we have come to appreciate the benefits of freely available and customizable software, and we always enjoyed seeing others benefit from our work. Even now, as a professional data management company, we use open source software whenever possible and publish our created works under open licenses when we…

New LinkAhead Release 0.9.1

A new LinkAhead version has been released which updates the underlying CaosDB components to their most recent releases (see gitlab.com/caosdb). Download it here! What’s new Fixed

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CaosDB available via Docker

We are excited to announce that there is a new way to deploy CaosDB via Docker. Docker is an Open Source software to easily deploy software as containers and therefore ideally suited to run CaosDB in different software environments without the need for differing installation procedures. This also obsoletes the step of setting up an…

New LinkAhead Introductory Series: Upcoming Online Events

In the month of October of 2022, IndiScale will offer a total of three events introducing LinkAhead and its functionalities. The events are also to be found with their respective meeting links at https://www.indiscale.com/events/ Here is the list of our events for 2022: LinkAhead Introduction Data Management from Acquisition to Publication 06.10.2022, 16:00 Learn how…

New LinkAhead Release 0.9.0

A new LinkAhead release is out! It fixes a problem whereby envoy configuration files wouldn’t be copied during installation and updates the CaosDB component libraries. Download the trial version here! What’s new Fixed #262 Formerly missing envoy files are now copied correctly during building of the debian package

New LinkAhead Release 0.8.0

A new LinkAhead release is out! It adds an experimental inclusion of Envoy with which WebGRPC modules can be used to extend the WebUI. Download the trial version here! What’s new Added An envoy default configuration has been added together with the corresponding options in LinkAhead profile. It allows serving GRPC and XML API under…

IndiScale pushes Gender Equality

IndiScale is committed to enhance Gender Equality. In order to inform current and future employees, customers and partners we published our Gender Equality Plan. We are glad that we already met one modest goal: We invited the same number of male and female applicants to an interview for our last job opening.