BIDS-LinkAhead-Integration recording is now available

Are you interested in integration of BIDS (Brain Imaging Data Structure) into LinkAhead? We prepared and recorded a one hour workshop exactly on this:

With our new module, the LinkAhead-Crawler seamlessly integrates with BIDS folder structures, enabling efficient data management and enhancing collaboration especially in projects where BIDS is used along side other data structures. Here are the key highlights of the integration:

  1. BIDS-Compatible Data Parsing: Our module can now read folder structures adhering to the BIDS specification. It parses the dataset_description.json file and file and folder names, extracting key-value pairs and translating them into LinkAhead Entities. This ensures that your BIDS metadata seamlessly integrates into the LinkAhead.
  2. Enhanced Data Organization: The BIDS data can be intuitively integrated in LinkAhead with other data. Allowing explicit references among different data Entities (BIDS and non-BIDS) facilitating storage of important relations and imformation.
  3. Enhanced Search capabilities: One major strength of LinkAhead is the search capability. The integration does not only allow to use it on the BIDS data but also in relation to other managed data. For example, you could retrieve all T1 weighted images from subjects for which also some non-BIDS data exists in LinkAhead. This ensures that your BIDS data is easily searchable and accessible.

We are excited about the potential of this integration to further enhance the usability and accessibility of the exemplary research data management that the BIDS standard provides. Researchers can now leverage the benefits of both frameworks, ensuring efficient data management and promoting reproducibility.

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