New LinkAhead Release 0.10.0

We just released a new LinkAhead version which updates the underlying CaosDB components to their most recent releases (see Download LinkAhead Release 0.10.0 here!

What’s New

On the surface, LinkAhead Release 0.10.0 introduces an enhanced query panel and more tweaks to the web interface. But more improvements are being served under the hood as well as important bug fixes and a serious performance boost for read and write transactions on huge databases.

Component Updates:

  • caosdb-server 0.9.0→0.10.0
  • caosdb-webui 0.10.1→0.11.1
  • caosdb-pylib 0.11.0→0.12.0
  • caosdb-advancedtools 0.6.1→0.8.0

[0.10.0] – 2023-06-16

For CHANGELOG of components, like the caosdb-server, please refer to the corresponding repositories.


  • Caching proxy in Docker for apt-get commands.


  • Health checks are no longer executed by default. If you want to execute the
    remainders of the health checks, you have to run the tests in utils/health
    manually until a future --diag option has been implemented (see


  • --no-health option; the behavior is now the default.


  • The no longer supported health checks and


  • Minimum docker-compose version is 1.27
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