Structured Data Workshop

Handling data is an essential part of everyday work in science. However, what are best practices, typical mistakes, and applicable regulations?

In our data-management workshop, participants will not only learn the answers to these questions, but will also be able to experience hands-on how the open-source research data management software LinkAhead can help them. We avoid dry theory and in the spirit of “bring-your-own-data”, we focus on producing results that will continue being useful after the workshop. For example, you retain access to your LinkAhead instance used in the workshop, hosted by the GWDG.

What will you learn?

  • What regulations do I need to comply with?
  • Documenting metadata in a FAIR way
  • Automating quality checks with LinkAhead
  • Increasing findability of your data with LinkAhead
  • Publishing data; Where and How

What can you expect?

Make the most out of the workshop and bring your own data set. The presentation of theoretical concepts are interwoven with parts where participants apply them to their own situation and data. We complement the often taught goals (like “Document all necessary metadata!”) with easy-to-follow implementation suggestions. In other words, we also tell you how to do it! Benefit from the fact that our team has the experience of providing and supporting the data management of of many research institutes.

What do you gain?

Apart from a deepened understanding about data management…

  • At least one of your data sets will be FAIR
  • A clear template how to make your data FAIR
  • A data model that represents your data
  • A LinkAhead instance with your data model and data hosted by the GWDG

Covered Topics

  • Data Life Cycle
  • Goals of Data Management
  • Data Management Plan
  • Applicable Regulation
  • FAIR
  • CARE
  • Metadata (best practices and existing standards)
  • Storing and Archiving
  • Data Publication (Licenses, Citations, Repositories)
  • File Organization (Naming Conventions, Versioning, File Formats)

Who should participate?

This workshop is for everyone who works with research data. However the content is streamlined for PhD students and early-career researchers. Since many modern ideas and tools are presented the workshop might also be of interest to many experienced scientists.

Further Information

  • The workshop can be done at your institute or remotely.
  • Recommended duration: two days (4x 3h)
  • Introductory format: one day (2x 3h)
  • Extension workshops for more in depth training are available


Only the very basics, no concern for any young researcher or experienced scientist.