Scaling Individual Research Data Management

Accelerate your research data management by choosing LinkAhead, our next generation and open source software solution for your data needs.

Together we make your research data usable and future proof.

For small research groups up to entire institutes

LinkAhead is for small research groups to work together on one shared research data set, but can scale to whole research institutes with a large number of users due to its sophisticated rights management. Since LinkAhead only saves meta data and references to the original research data in the system, it easily scales to millions of entries and doesn’t care about the size of the source data. LinkAhead is an additive system that allows you to start small and grow with your research data and team.

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Developed by data scientists for your professional research data management

LinkAhead adapts to your unique setup and mix of data sources. The software can integrate Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) data bases, repositories, machines or any other source that provides data in a structured manner. LinkAhead’s crawlers can be configured to automatically detect new and updated research data and reference it in the system. A precise versioning history and the flexibility of the underlying data model allows you to operate safely without putting your research data at risk. With your data set brought together in one place, you get extra functionality in terms of search, API access and collaboration.

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Even without customization or extension, LinkAhead already covers many research data management use cases. We are the central address for the further development and improvement of LinkAhead’s core functions. And if it needs to be a customized solution, we will do that, too.


With our LinkAhead subscription we can provide you with reliable and fast updates and upgrades. You benefit from our extensively tested releases, easy backups and smooth integration.


We support you in all phases on the way to comprehensive and optimally
integrated research data management. This includes training for LinkAhead,
consulting on research data management and data security. We also offer
convenient support and maintenance services for LinkAhead.

We take care of your research data

IndiScale is a team of enthusiastic software developers and passionate data scientists specialized in professional research data management. The core of our work is the further development of the open source research data management system LinkAhead. With our scientific background we can also offer you customized solutions for your individual research data management. We look forward to new challenges.

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