Individual research data management with the FOSS LinkAhead + Q&A

Online Session

Tuesday, 2023-08-24
15:00 – 16:30 (3:00 – 4:30 pm)
Access link here.

How do you build a system from a historical, very individually grown data environment with a mix of legacy data, structured and semi-structured data that meets the needs of all stakeholders in a workgroup?

Let’s imagine a mix of legacy table data, a file system in which data on experiments are stored in different files and file types, data from an ELN, and current data from a CSV file that continues to be updated. These and other questions can be answered with LinkAhead.

LinkAhead is a flexible open source toolkit that can be used to link data from heterogeneous sources. This way, your large historical knowledge archive could be quickly searched for concrete data in a complex way, and the required data could be filtered out.

Being an open and agile system, LinkAhead can be easily extended. Thus, workflows can be automated and analysis and other steps and scripts can be connected to the software. LinkAhead also offers comprehensive version and rights management.

The presentation will provide a general overview of LinkAhead and offers space for questions.