New LinkAhead Release 0.11.0

We just released a new LinkAhead version which updates the underlying CaosDB components to their most recent releases (see Download LinkAhead Release 0.11.0 here!

What’s New

LinkAhead Release 0.11.0 contains important security updates. It removes the “annonymous admin” feature which was used for the obsolute LinkAhead Trail version in the past. The updated caosdb-webui component fixes several performance issues.

Component Updates:

  • caosdb-webui 0.11.1→0.12.0

[0.11.0] – 2023-09-15

For CHANGELOG of components, like the caosdb-webui, please refer to the corresponding repositories.


  • Config option anonymous_admin. This feature was intended for usage with the trial profile only. If your linkahead instance has an anonymous role with admin privileges you will be prompted to confirm that the admin privileges will be taken away from the anonymous role. There is no option to prevent this. If the anonymous user had admin-like permissions before, you may want to revoke these permissions. This can be done with the following line which calls a script inside the Docker container (replace CONTAINER_NAME, probably it is linkahead):
  docker exec -ti -u 0:0 -w /opt/caosdb/run_docker/ CONTAINER_NAME /opt/caosdb/run_docker/bin/handle_anonymous_admin

Alternatively, you can use this Python library utility: retrieve_role_permissions anonymous