New LinkAhead Release 0.9.2

We just released a new LinkAhead version which updates the underlying CaosDB components to their most recent releases (see Download the latest version here!

What’s new

LinkAhead 0.9.2 introduces built-in graphical user and
rights management (ACM), some convenience
features and important bug fixes. Some details on major changes:

  • The graphical ACM module for the web
    interface previously needed to be built and added to the profile manually.
    LinkAhead is now shipped with it such that it can be simply enabled in the
  • In setups that use envoy, queries or other requests that may take long time
    to process (e.g. Crawler runs) often faced timeouts. Default timeouts where
    changed (and can now easily be adjusted by the user) such that requests
    terminate as expected.
  • WebUI: You can now configure the kind of Records that are searched when the simple
    search mode is used (i.e. without FIND).
  • You can now configure the order in which Properties of Records are displayed
    or if they are hidden/shown for specific user roles.
  • Component Updates: caosdb-server 0.8.1->0.9.0; caosdb-webui 0.9.0->0.10.1;
    caosdb-pylib 0.9.0->0.11.0; caosdb-advancedtools 0.6.0->0.6.1

[0.9.2] – 2023-02-28

For CHANGELOG of components, like the caosdb-server, please refer to the corresponding repositories.


  • envoy_connect_timeout and envoy_route_timeout profile option to configure envoy proxy timeouts
  • Re-introduced support for Python 3.7
  • The ACM module for the LinkAhead WebUI is now directly shipped with LinkAhead.
    Enable the module in the buildvars of the webui and enable Envoy to use it.


  • Better output when config file is not readable. linkahead#2
  • Tour updated for default roles in queries.
  • Now depends on Docker >= 19.3.
  • Removed login shell wrapper when starting LinkAhead via systemd service. linkahead#7
    If your configuration depended on a login shell (so that ~/.profile was read first), you can restore the old behaviour with override service files. Read the systemd documentation for details (Ctrl-F override).


  • linkahead#5
    Timeouts when using the Envoy proxy: Timeouts can now be configured via the profile.yml. Also, more forgiving defaults have been chosen.
  • Better output when config file is not readable. linkahead#2