New LinkAhead Release 0.12.0

We just released a new LinkAhead version which updates the underlying components to their most recent releases (see Download LinkAhead Release 0.12.0 here!

What’s New

The new LinkAhead 0.12.0 release contains some new features, important bug fixes and we say goodbye to MySQL.

  • The web interface was extended by a new implementation of the map feature which is based on the GRPC API and is faster than the old implementation. However, until all features of the old map are added to the new version, the new implementation is deactivated by default.
  • You can now upload files directly in the file-system view of the web interface by clicking the new “+” button.
  • If you experience an unresponsive web interface when editing Entities in the Edit Mode, you might want to enable an option that restricts the number of candidates that are retrieved for drop down elements.
  • We drop support for MySQL and recommend MariaDB instead. Differences between MySQL and MariaDB have been increasing and would require a major effort to continue support for MySQL. Currently, there is neither funding nor demand for this. Last version which is known to work well with LinkAhead is MySQL 5.7.36

Component Updates:

  • linkahead-webui 0.12.0→0.13.0
  • linkahead-server 0.10.0→0.12.0
  • linkahead-pylib 0.12.0→0.13.1
  • linkahead-mariadb 5.0.0→ 7.0.1