LinkAhead Relaunch

LinkAhead has been relaunched and is now more open and accessible for new and existing users.

Our open source research data management software was previously available under two names: the original name CaosDB and LinkAhead. With this relaunch we are unifying the project under a single name: LinkAhead.

With this step, we are also removing friction from the LinkAhead installation process. Now, tools for a simple installation process are publicly available. Also, we recently focused on providing a more intuitive access to data for non-expert users. The new query panel is a good example for this: It allows to browse and filter your data more easily (currently disabled by default; in-depth introduction follows).

There is now a dedicated website that is focused on LinkAhead, which replaces This site will in future collect all information (documentation, user stories, …) about the software.

Similarly, we have now a single location for feedback and user contributions and thus make it easier for users to get involved.

The company IndiScale will continue to provide professional services around LinkAhead. Our subscription is now called LinkAhead Pro and includes services for initial setup, data model consulting, customization and direct support. There is no difference in software between LinkAhead und LinkAhead Pro.

Install LinkAhead today! This relaunch makes it especially easy to try out LinkAhead. Follow the installation instructions. Let us know about your experience and join the community channel on Matrix: