LinkAhead – Your advantages at a glance

LinkAhead – your flexible data management toolkit

The dynamic toolbox LinkAhead enables professional data management where other approaches are too rigid and inflexible. The integration of your data sources can be completely automated and LinkAhead’s version control and workflow management give you full control for quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

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LinkAhead is flexible

Do you think about adding new machines or devices to your setup, or are you planning to use your devices in a different context? That is no problem for LinkAhead. Even if the way your machines work together changes, LinkAhead can use the old and new data side by side.

This is a revolutionary step up from conventional databases.

Optimize your procedures with LinkAhead

Once you manage your data with LinkAhead, it is easy to find the next parameter where you can optimize your working procedures even more. Since the data sets are linked to each other according to their meaning, you can answer questions like

Is there a connection between the temperature of device X and pieces whose parameters fell outside the tolerance margin after leaving device Y?

Read more the about LinkAhead’s semantic data model here.

Quality management – from raw materials to the final product

LinkAhead can keep track for you of the provenance of every single piece you produce. It can store the raw materials, each processing step with parameters and final QC tests and it is easy to find which other pieces were produced with similar settings.

Of course, you could also automatically generate certificates for your customers, if required. But LinkAhead provides even more solutions, such as a full version history and workflow management.

Let the computer work for you: Automation is key

We believe that tasks that can be automated should be automated. This is especially true when introducing new technology, because your employees and co-workers will be thrilled to find out that the new data management does not come with new chores.

LinkAhead comes with existing software libraries written to simplify the automation of data integration, and you will love just watching as the data flows in.