New LinkAhead Release 0.13.0

We just released a new LinkAhead version which updates the underlying components to their most recent releases (see and thereby fixes an issue whereby the user list would not be available in the LinkAhead Access Control Management interface. Download the new LinkAhead package here!

What’s new?

  • We added support for Python 3.12 and experimental support for Python 3.13
  • We removed support for the EOL Python 3.7
  • Custom packages that are needed for server-side scripts and are copied from the host can now also be specified by a relative path

Component updates:

  • linkahead-webui 0.13.1→0.13.3
  • linkahead-server 0.12.1→0.12.2
  • linkahead-pylib 0.13.2→0.14.0
  • linkahead-advanced-user-tools 0.8.0 → 0.9.0