New features for LinkAhead: Versioning and Workflow Management

A screenshot of the full version history of an entity
Never lose old versions of your data again.

Mistakes happen, even in the best working environments. That’s why data in LinkAhead is now versioned by default, meaning that after changes are made to stored data, the original value, time of change, etc. are still accessible. In this way, errors can be corrected, but the entire history remains traceable and audit-proof, thus also satisfying the rules of good scientific practice.

For processing and management of samples and workpieces, it can be important to know the current status of a sample or work order and which processing steps are due next. Since the current release 0.3, LinkAhead provides the tools to map this information and thus implement a workflow management. Depending on the specific needs, this could be used, for example, to implement a flow chart for sample processing in which employees can see for samples how they are to be processed.