A workshop that helps us and you to evaluate where your data management stands, whether using our LinkAhead software will help you and whether working with us is a good idea.

In this workshop, we bring all users of your research data together

to find out:

  • who uses your data and how?
  • what improvements are desired?
  • what a solution could look like that works for everyone and saves work?




What do we do for you in concrete:

1. Analyze your specific data management requirements.
2. Evaluate possible solutions for these data management requirements.
3. We design concrete applications for LinkAhead, in particular for connecting to existing systems and automating data integration.

The StartAhead package includes:

– Content preparation.
– A workshop lasting up to 4 hours.
– The preparation of the detailed report.
– A second meeting to discuss the report lasting up to 2 hours.

What does it cost?

We offer the StartAhead package for 1800€, or for 1100€ if half the time is planned for the workshops (plus 19% VAT in each case).

And best of all: these costs are fully creditable against future subscriptions to the LinkAhead software!


After prior consultation with you, IndiScale will conduct a workshop remotely via video conference (or on site if desired) in which the points listed above will be worked out together. Depending on the individual requirements, a data model is also designed that can be implemented in data management software such as LinkAhead.


Following the workshop, IndiScale prepares a detailed report with recommendations for action and a recommended data model, if this was part of the workshop. The report is handed over digitally (as a PDF file) and, if desired, by post, and presented and discussed in a second meeting.