Programming services for (almost) any purpose

We realize your projects

You have an idea or a problem for which you need customized software? Contact us, we have a wide range of experience with software in many different areas and are happy to develop a solution together with you. With us, you get everything from a single source, for attractive prices: from conception and planning to programming and extensive testing all the way to installation and training of your employees.

These are only a few examples of projects that we successfully completed:

  • Research data wiki
  • Sample storage
  • Risk visualization
  • Real-time remote control
  • Lab barcode integration
  • Hardware interaction

Wiki software based upon and linked with research data management systems. A wiki interface to a research data storage shows user-friendly multimedia descriptions. At the same time, the wiki pages are linked to the underlying raw data for visitors with the desire to dive deep into the data.

Sample storage, management and lending systems: Physical samples from scientific experiments are stored together with their provenance information in a data management system. Other researchers can request access to samples, their method, results and publications are linked to the samples’ data entries and the original descriptions.

Visualization and calculation of individual infectious disease risks, based on physical and epidemiological parameters: Users can enter parameters for multiple everyday situations and get a risk assessment how probable an infection with COVID-19 is, according to published and peer-reviewed numerical methods.

Real-time remote control of scientific experimental setups, with logging and fast intuitive user interfaces: An experimental setup in the life sciences was equipped with software to record physiological time series, do real-time optical and electrical spectrum and entropy analysis. The software reacted on the obtained parameters by sending control commands to other devices of the setup.

Barcode scanning integration with lab data acquisition: Fast data processing, high user acceptance and low error rates by integrating barcodes into the automated data integration workflows. Customized web-based data input for multimodal scientific imaging environments.

Real-time hardware input with bidirectional user interaction: A hardware demonstrator for data management education purposes used gamification elements to invite users to insert data into LinkAhead. Users had to react to optical stimuli in several modes of increasing difficulty.

Trust-based cooperation is very important to us, therefore we will only undertake projects for which we are sufficiently qualified. If your needs should exceed our experience or capacities, we will gladly accompany you in your search for another service provider.

Our technology stacks

We continuously extend our experience with the latest technologies and methodologies, and these are the technologies we have the most experience with to power our projects and make data management a success.

Backend: Java, Maven, MySQL, MariaDB

  • Java & Maven: We use Java for the LinkAhead server. Maven our package manager of choice and the build system which we employ to manage our Java projects.
  • MySQL & MariaDB: MySQL and MariaDB are our chosen databases for the internal backend of the LinkAhead server. They provide a reliable and high performance data storage solution.

Network Protocols: REST, gRPC, Protobuf

  • REST, Restlet and XML: We use Restlet and XML for the REST interface of the LinkAhead server.
  • gRPC and Protobuf: Sometimes REST is not enough, for example for stateful transactions or large atomic interactions. For these use cases, we use gRPC and protobuf to provide an additional API to LinkAhead which goes beyond pure REST capabilities.

User tools and data science: Python, Pandas, C++, Julia, Matlab

  • Python: Python is our go-to language for developing the LinkAhead client libraries. Of course we love Python for all other kinds of applications as well.
  • Pytest: We extensively use the pytest framework for unit and integration testing of all our code.
  • Pandas, SciPy and Numpy: Pandas, SciPy and Numpy are the frameworks for our scientific computing and data science needs.
  • C++: For non-Python clients of LinkAhead, we use C++ to develop efficient and powerful client libraries.
  • Octave, Julia and R: We also implement client libraries for Octave, Julia and R based on the C++ library, providing a wide range of choices for LinkAhead’s users.

Web technologies: React, Django and XSLT

Our team has extensive expertise in current web technologies, including React, Django and XSLT, which we use to develop web-based applications for our clients.

Delivering value

Our software engineers follow the industry’s best practices, in order to deliver top-notch software products to you:

A GitLab Pipeline connecting multiple procedure steps.

We follow a test-driven development approach and use Gitlab CI (continuous integration) for our system of automated code testing pipelines. This enables us to ensure high-quality thoroughly tested code and follow efficient workflows.

We use the Scrum project management framework and love to work in clearly defined sprints. We prioritize tasks according to users’ needs in order to deliver high-quality results to our clients.